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bargpt is an AI cocktail recipe generator that allows users to place new orders, browse cocktails, and search for AI-generated cocktails. It is an artificial intelligence-powered bartender that has served over 10,000 AI cocktails so far. Users can order drinks, browse top-rated cocktails, and search for cocktails by keyword or specific ingredients. The AI cocktails available have been taste-tested and approved by humans. Bargpt makes mixology easy and allows users to stir their imagination for creative cocktail creations. The tool provides features like describing the perfect cocktail and even includes pictures. Users can view and share top-rated cocktails created by people from all over the world. They can also bookmark their favorite cocktails for future reference and find cocktails based on the available liquor in their cabinet. Bargpt also offers AI-generated food pairings for cocktails. Users have the option to rename and re-picture cocktails if they are not satisfied with the generated name or picture. Overall, bargpt is a cocktail tool that utilizes AI to create and provide inspiration for unique and delicious cocktails.

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