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Chôra is an AI-driven investment tool that aims to simplify the investment process within the web3 space.It offers a non-custodial account abstraction wallet with enhanced security features such as social login and two-factor authentication.

Users can use their existing wallet/ledger to control their account and benefit from rich recovery options.One of the main features of Chôra is its Text-to-Invest functionality, which allows users to automate and schedule investment actions through a simple chat interface.

This AI assistant uses data-driven insights to perform swaps and execute multiple transactions based on a single line of text, offering a convenient and efficient way to manage complex crypto transactions.

The tool provides comprehensive market data to enable informed and strategic investment decisions in the ever-evolving web3 landscape.It aims to deliver a simplified and personalized investing experience by combining account abstraction with AI-powered portfolio management.

Chôra invites users to become early adopters and join their community to shape the future of crypto investment together.The tool is built upon solid foundations and offers a smart account that acts as a strategic partner in the crypto investment world.

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