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We Have Special AI Software Offers Every Day is a secure AI tool that ensures the safest way for enterprises to leverage AI and keep their data safe. With its APIs, secure chat UI, and Slack bot, offers pre-integrated data sources and automatically enforces access policies. It also provides masking of sensitive data and acceptable use policies. Users can access applications such as GPT-4 32k (a private and powerful version of ChatGPT) and Claude, while the enterprise retains control over usage and confidence in the security of their data with audit logs. allows enterprises to securely adopt AI and integrate their data sources such as Google Drive, Confluence, and Slack. Employees can seamlessly use AI while respecting source system permissions and masking sensitive data. The tool offers a user-friendly and secure chat UI, Slack bot, and point-and-click data connectors for users to derive value from day one. Additionally, allows organizations to define, enforce, and audit access through its security controls. It also enables the management of policies for both internally built and externally procured AI tools in a single place. Users can even build custom applications using’s secure APIs.

With, developers can leverage enterprise data while ensuring data privacy and security. The tool provides drop-in replacements for open AI and AnthropIC APIs, allowing developers to use official Python libraries and substituting the Credal API token. This way, they can build apps on top of enterprise data, knowing that the data remains secure.

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