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The draw3d AI tool is a powerful and versatile platform for transforming sketches into photorealistic images.It offers a wide range of features and use cases.Using draw3d, users can upload their drawings and automatically convert them into photorealistic images.

The tool is capable of handling intricate details, such as landscapes and mountains, making drawings come alive with a touch of magic.Draw3d also excels in transforming sketches of animals while maintaining their facial structure.

It can bring any type of drawing to life.Additionally, draw3d can transform photos into sculptures and even reverse the process, allowing users to transform sculptures into photos.The tool provides a simple three-step process.

Users can generate an image by drawing or sketching and then upscale the generated image without losing quality, with an option to upscale up to 4x (8x coming soon).Furthermore, draw3d includes a powerful image editor that allows users to apply filters, resize, and make further edits to enhance their creations.

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