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Dynaboard AI

Dynaboard AI is a suite of AI functionalities that accelerates the process of building custom, production-grade software. The tool offers three key features, including UI generation, code generation, and code refactoring, all which enable developers to design, develop, and deploy software using natural language. With Dynaboard AI, users can quickly create data-rich UIs and forms by typing a prompt command into the command bar, allowing for more efficient use of time spent building components.

Additionally, the tool generates TypeScript/JavaScript, SQL, and CSS code queries through its query editor, which makes updating code queries anywhere in the application possible. Dynaboard AI also supports real-time data filtering with its new app functionality, which enables developers to modify existing apps quickly and efficiently.

The context-aware feature of Dynaboard AI means that the tool is aware of pages, functions, components, and even database schema, making it easier to update existing templates by clicking an inline AI button. Ultimately, Dynaboard AI aims to tackle many of the time-consuming and tedious aspects of app development, including kickstarting development for large apps, maintaining documentation, and even fixing bugs.

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