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Jurny is an AI-powered tool that offers hospitality and automation solutions for short-term rental operations. It provides a one-stop solution by automating the guest experience and allowing guests to have full control of their stay through a cutting-edge mobile app. The tool uses AI to automate and elevate guest communication, review management, and content creation.

Jurny simplifies the management of vacation rentals by providing an all-in-one dashboard where users can access and manage their properties on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. It also includes features like smart locks and thermostats, eliminating the need to manually change codes for guests. The platform is user-friendly and offers hands-on support from a top-notch team.

One of the main advantages of Jurny is its integration capabilities, making it easy to use and saving users the hassle of researching and integrating different providers. It offers a range of pricing plans, starting from a free basic plan to pro and enterprise plans with advanced features and customization options. Overall, Jurny is highly recommended for Airbnb managers, as it streamlines operations, improves guest experience, and saves time.

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