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Kreateable is an online logo maker that harnesses the power of generative AI to provide a comprehensive platform for graphic design. With a wide range of features and services, Kreateable allows users to create stunning logos, social media posts, ads, and more.

One of the main features of Kreateable is its smart logo listing, which offers unlimited icons and pre-designed logos to choose from. Users can simply input their business name and slogan and view a variety of logo options tailored to their industry category.

Kreateable also offers various logo formats and variants, allowing users to modify and download their logo in different dimensions and file formats such as PDF, PNG, EPS, and SVG.

For social media marketing, Kreateable provides options for creating different logo variants and ads. Users can modify purchased logos within 10 days of purchase and customize templates for social media posts, ads, and campaigns.

With text and image automation, Kreateable streamlines the content creation process. It offers AI writing capabilities to generate a wide range of content, from blogs and articles to social media posts and Google ads. Users can also effortlessly resize designs and synchronize posts and ads across multiple platforms.

Kreateable also boasts a wide range of professionally designed templates for marketing materials and business documents. These templates are available in high-resolution formats, allowing for seamless customization and download.

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