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We Have Special AI Software Offers Every Day is a creative collaboration and online proofing software designed to streamline project management for video production teams. With features like video proofing, audio annotation, storyboard creation, and AI prompts, is the perfect tool for TV, film, and explainer video use cases.

One of the main features of is its convenient video proofing system, which allows users to leave accurate feedback using visual markers, drawings, and file comments. It offers two video review modes, frame-by-frame and loop, making it easy to detect the slightest changes or mark specific points for repeated viewing. is built specifically for the video creation industry, allowing users to build unique and fully-custom pipelines, organize project steps in folders, manage assets, and add multiple file types. It provides all the necessary tools without overwhelming users with irrelevant features, ensuring a streamlined creative pipeline without chaos.

With, teams can assign team members to project steps and add comments to the to-do list for each member, enabling efficient collaboration and keeping track of project statuses, deadlines, and versions in one place. also offers a convenient online proofing feature, allowing users to invite clients to provide feedback and minimize the number of revisions needed. Advanced visual commenting and automatic timestamping features further enhance the feedback process, allowing users to focus on creativity instead of ineffective communication.

With, users gain an excellent overview of the progress of their projects, saving time and improving customer satisfaction. The tool provides a clear understanding of the production process and team workload through features like calendar view and Gantt chart, making it easier to manage remote teams. offers multiple integrations to streamline production and communication processes, allowing users to invite clients without requiring them to register. The tool also provides a smooth and transparent process, ensuring good customer service and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

In summary, is a powerful tool for creative collaboration, online proofing, and project management in the video production industry. Its features and user-friendly interface make it an intuitive and efficient choice for managing projects and ensuring smooth communication with clients.

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