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Story multiplier

The AI tool is called “Story Multiplier” and it is a feature offered by Great Books Homeschool, a literature-based homeschooling organization. The main focus of the tool is to make learning multiplication tables fun by generating kid-friendly short stories based on the chosen parameters. The stories are generated using OpenAI’s API and are appropriate for children.
The tool allows users to choose parameters such as the creature hero, the creature bad guy, and the object in the story. Users can select from a wide range of creatures and objects, from aardvarks to zombies and balloons to spaceships.
The tool is particularly useful for homeschooling parents and students in grades K-8. It can be used as a supplement to the curriculum and can help students practice their multiplication tables.
Overall, the Story Multiplier tool offers a unique and engaging way for students to practice multiplication while enjoying fun and imaginative stories.

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