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Tiny Magic

The Gmail GPT-4 Support Agent by Tiny Magic is an AI tool that utilizes GPT-4 technology to automate the process of drafting answers to support requests in Gmail.It is designed to save users hours of time every day.

The tool is easy to set up, with a quick onboarding process, you connect a Gmail account and providing FAQ support documents or help desk links, Auto-Gmail is able to effectively answer emails with relevant and contextual responses.

The key features of the tool include the ability to take the entire email thread into context when drafting a response, not just the last message.It also utilizes a vector database in FAQ mode to pull relevant elements from contextual documents in order to formulate the most accurate response.

Auto-Gmail runs automatically in the background and writes drafts that can be easily accessed in Gmail.Gmail GPT is ideal for businesses and consultants looking to provide personalized customer support at a more affordable cost.

It empowers support teams to answer emails faster and with empathy, similar to tools like Superhuman and Crisp.The integration with Gmail allows for automatic drafting of responses without the need for manual trigger.

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