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Ulog is an AI-powered conversational journaling tool that creates detailed timelines based on user input. It features an intelligent AI companion that asks thought-provoking questions to keep the conversation going. With ulog, users can set reminders and chat with the AI companion 24/7.

The tool allows users to track various topics and schedule recurring reminders for each topic. After a certain number of questions, a summary is generated and added to the timeline. Users can review and edit these summaries over time, helping the AI companion to grow. ulog also offers customizable reminders and the ability to create and manage multiple topics. The tool ensures the privacy of user data and does not share it with anyone outside of necessary partners.

ulog is available as a web app, providing an application-class experience. ulog is also planning to launch a B2B product in the future and invites users to express their interest through the contact form.

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