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Verble is an AI speech-writing assistant designed to help users master the art of verbal persuasion and storytelling.It is a professional tool created by industry experts to understand the craft of crafting compelling narratives and effective delivery.

Verble aims to guide users in creating speeches for various occasions, such as business pitches, keynote addresses, and wedding speeches.The main features of Verble include a chat-based interface where users can have a quick chat with the AI assistant to kickstart their speech preparation.

The assistant asks targeted questions to help users share their thoughts, audience, and message.Verble then works its magic by transforming these thoughts into a clear and organized draft, helping users overcome the struggle of starting with a blank page.

Verble also incorporates the expertise of speech coaches who have analyzed the best speakers in the world.It offers a smart editing mode that allows users to apply techniques used by renowned speakers like Steve Jobs and Lucinda Ardern to make their speeches stand out.

Users have found Verble to be a user-friendly and innovative tool that helps them prepare compelling talks quickly.Verble is designed with the diversity of public speaking in mind, understanding the nuances of different types of speeches and guiding users to tailor their message accordingly.

It is suitable for various use cases, including presenting new ideas in a management pitch, giving persuasive sales pitches, delivering keynote speeches at business events, and crafting engaging medical presentations or research keynotes.

For startup founders looking to nail investor pitches, Verble offers innovative speaker techniques and a user-friendly interface.It is a valuable tool for preparation, particularly for challenging short versions.

Verble is also useful for important meetings where public speaking is required, providing preparation support and sparking new ideas that can be applied to investor pitches.One of the main advantages of Verble is its availability anytime, anywhere.

It can be accessed without the need to align schedules or travel, making it a convenient travel-size speaking coach.Whether users need to prep a last-minute presentation or work on a speech in the wee hours, Verble is just a few clicks away, ready to help craft a compelling story.

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