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WebWhiz is an AI tool that allows you to train a ChatGPT website to build a chatbot for your website. With WebWhiz, you can instantly answer customer queries and provide them with a personalized AI assistant that can assist with a wide range of questions. The chatbot is trained based on the given data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date responses.

Setting up WebWhiz is easy and does not require any coding skills. Simply add a script tag to your website to embed the chatbot, and you’re good to go. You can also customize the appearance of the chatbot to match the theme of your website for a seamless integration.

WebWhiz regularly crawls your website to collect data and keep the chatbot trained with the latest information. It collects text data from website pages, including metadata such as page titles and descriptions. Rest assured, WebWhiz does not collect any personally identifiable information or sensitive data from your website.

WebWhiz offers different pricing plans to suit your needs. It starts with a free open-source option for basic usage and also provides cloud-based solutions for hosting and support. The pricing plans vary based on the number of tokens per month, projects, and pages. You can choose the plan that fits your requirements.

WebWhiz also offers a self-hosting option if you prefer to use your own OpenAI key. It is fully transparent, private, and secure. The code is available on GitHub for you to review, run, and contribute.

In case you have any questions, WebWhiz has a built-in chatbot to help you or you can reach out to them via email. Get started with WebWhiz today to create a powerful chatbot for your website and enhance your customer support experience.

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