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Zigpoll is a survey and feedback platform that allows businesses to capture customer insights and use data to grow their business. The main features of zigpoll include on-site surveys, multiple question formats, intuitive dashboard for analyzing responses, advanced targeting rules, third-party integrations, translatable surveys, personal AI assistant, trend detection, and automatic analysis.

The tool enables businesses to ask the right questions at the right moments, engage customers, gather quality feedback with unmatched response rates, and reveal critical insights. It provides various question formats and offers incentives to create rewarding interactions. The intuitive dashboard helps users analyze survey data and generate actionable insights quickly.

Zigpoll also allows businesses to engage customers at the right time through advanced targeting rules and multiple survey options such as email, SMS, and on-site surveys. It supports multiple languages and offers a personal AI assistant trained on response data to provide automatic insights.

The tool is suitable for various use cases, including gathering feedback for product improvements, audience preferences for content creation, feedback collection for SaaS products, tracking response trends over time, and driving changes in marketing spend and product lines.

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